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 Why Choose Our Talented Skin Cancer Team

It is the extra studies, knowledge and experience in the field that proves most beneficial in diagnosing and treating skin cancers. Our skin cancer trained GP’s, have highly refined diagnostic and surgical skills. They are also involved in the ongoing study of Dermoscopy and diagnosing skin cancers.  As members of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia, James and Phil have completed the extra years of study in the field that make the difference.  They are both very friendly doctors and they utilise their social skills to make sure patients have a thorough knowledge of their present skin condition.


MBBS University of Queensland (UQ) graduated 1982, a Fellowship of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia (FSCCA) 2015, Diploma of Dermoscopy (SCCA)., Diploma of Skin Cancer Medicine (SCCA)., Certificates in both Dermoscopy and skin cancer surgery.

Practising medicine since 1982, Dr James Bricknell has worked in a variety of general practice settings and has always had an interest in skin as a sub-specialty. James loves to study and throughout his years as a GP, he has studied natural medicine, acupuncture and a variety of European languages. In 2001 James began studying skin cancer medicine and received a variety of certificates and diplomas over the following ten years.  He went on to become a Fellow of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and further wrote a book about the study of skin cancer medicine to help other doctors study for their Fellowships in Skin Cancer.  James has a very affable approach with people and enjoys sharing a great sense of humour as well as his in-depth knowledge in Skin Cancer medicine.


Dr Phil Keys is a RACGP Fellow & a graduate of Sydney University (2005). Before medicine, Phil enjoyed a career as a military test pilot and is qualified to perform aviation medicals (CASA DAME)

Now working solely in Skin Cancer Medicine, Dr Keys has Diplomas of Dermatology, Skin Cancer Medicine, Dermoscopy, Head & Neck Skin Surgery and many years experience assisting Plastic Surgeons allow him to confidently manage a wide range of common skin conditions and competently perform minor surgical procedures. Dr Keys is an Accredited Doctor with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.

Phil is married with two adult children, enjoys surfing and ocean ski paddling and continuing the language theme, he is currently struggling to learn Spanish. 

Dr Phil Keys is working on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Experienced Professionals

At Noosa Skin Cancer Surgery in Noosa Heads, our Fellow of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia, Dr James Bricknell, has been in medical practice as a GP for over 30 years and has received extensive additional training in the diagnosis and removal of skin cancers. Dr Phil Keys has many years experience in diagnosing and removing skin cancers.  As all doctors only work in Skin Cancer each day, they have all become highly experienced in their field of medicine.

Our Treatments and Equipment

We use cross-polarised dermatoscopes to check your skin for signs of sun damage. We also create an ongoing skin imaging file to compare changes in your skin over time.  A cross-polarised dermatoscope is necessary because it makes some skin cancers even more visible.  We also provide full onsite treatments and surgery.  We use tried and tested imaging equipment and our surgery is equipped for even the trickiest surgery.

Our Range of Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services including:
  •  Melanomas and all other forms of skin cancer
  •  Cautery, curettage and other topical treatments
  •  Excisions to remove skin cancer
  •  Complex surgical procedures for fine results
  •  Skin grafts for complex sites
  •  Mole and sunspot imaging
  •  Body mapping to track changes in skin spots
  •  Topical skin treatments for keratoses
  •  Cosmetic mole removal
  •  Cosmetic excisions to correct scarring
  •  Anti-wrinkle treatments for a smooth face

Skin Cancer Services

Queenslanders have some of the highest rates of melanoma and other types of skin cancer in the world. Places like the backs of your hands, your face, ears and your neck all receive sun exposure, even when we are not sunbathing! Melanoma can even occur without sun exposure.  Skin checks are what we do every day.  All procedures are performed by Dr Bricknell and Dr Keys. If an excision is required, this can be performed right here in our comfortable clinic, which means that you won’t have to wait to see a specialist or be put on a public hospital list.

Imaging Services

We use the latest technology to keep a record of your skin and moles, which allows us to closely track any changes over the years. We utilise photography with comparative software to track changes in your skin, this combined with our doctors’ very well trained eyes ensures we catch any malignant changes quickly!